How much fresh pasta do I need per person?

For fresh pasta such as spaghetti, linguine or pappardelle, we suggest 130-150gms per person for a main meal. For ravioli, 200-250gms per person. For children, typically halve the quantity.

Is that the same amount for dried pasta?

You need less dried pasta by weight, as the moisture has been removed in the drying process.
Roughly 90-100gms of dried spaghetti or pasta shapes should suffice for a main meal.

How do I cook my pasta?

For fresh spaghetti or other cut pasta, place in a pot of boiling salted water. Stir gently until water returns to the boil. Drain after 3-4 minutes, or until al dente (firm to the bite, not crunchy or too soft). Dried pasta takes longer & varies, but typically 8-10 mins on a gentle boil.

How long does my fresh pasta keep?

Kept in an air-tight container, it should keep for 2-3 days.

How do I store my fresh pasta?

Fresh pasta contains raw egg, so must be refrigerated. Store in an air-tight container in the fridge so that it doesn’t dry out.

Do you carry vegan or gluten-free pasta?

Yes, we offer a range of both dried & fresh/frozen gluten-free varieties, some of which are vegan friendly. We also produce fresh spinach pasta suitable for vegans (no eggs).

Is pasta fattening?

Hahahahahahaha. Like everything, moderation is key.


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